How I Choose The Best Tour Groups – No Agents Involved


The organized tour companies understand they can’t just put a bunch of people together behind a leader who introduces them to places of interest (with a rundown of the area’s historical backdrop), organizes local dining and calls it a day. This is not enough for modern travelers of today as they seek personalized traveling experiences to learn about new cultures, enjoy their eating trends and have fun while they are at it. Group travel companies compete really hard to stay ahead of each other by providing a mix of adventure, comfort, and fun, thus creating great opportunities for travelers.

If you have quit your day job and plan on hitting the road for an indefinite time, feel free to travel independently moving at your own pace but if you have worked really hard the whole year and want to spend your holidays relaxing in this time of leisure, its best to go with a group tour.

But you still have to decide which group tour wagon you should hop on to, as tour companies conduct trips throughout the seven continents offering endless possibilities, therefore you have to analyze your own interests and preferences to select the tour that satisfies your tastes.

Independent Travel

Your travel style really depends on your personality. You might fancy a classic journey through London, Paris, and Venice or maybe you are a family guy looking for age-specific activities along with some fine dining. Perhaps adventure is on your mind and you want the adrenaline pumping activities such as biking, parasailing, and hiking etc. or you maybe just want a leisure trip for relaxation along with comfort.

Purpose Of Traveling

Are you a party animal or prefer being a lone wolf? Keep your purpose of traveling in mind as well while choosing the tour group. For example, its best to avoid traveling in a group with young kids if you are going for an anniversary trip but seeking out a group with more kids is preferable if you are taking your own children to see the world. Also, keep in mind, a small group blends in easily within the local environment but on the other hand, a large group can help you in cutting down your costs.

Are You A Foodie?

Do you have any specific dining preferences? If you are an exotic eater, you will love the deep-fried tarantula served in Cambodia but you will be fine with any group if you are a typical cheeseburger-with-fries-and-drink type of guy/gal.

Whats Your Favorite Way To Travel?

Some people are best suited for air-conditioned buses, private taxis or trains while others don’t mind walking, traversing in Rickshaws (a three-wheeled traveling vehicle for busy and narrow streets of many Asian countries) or even riding camels given the chance. “Know about thyself”, what type of a person are you?

Make An Informed Decision

The purpose of globetrotting is to enjoy the fine pleasures our mother earth has to offer so don’t choose a group you dislike because will end up frustrated and will regret your choice. Refrain buying a group tour suggested by an agent (those guys work hard for their commissions and don’t really know and care about your interests). Find out something you like and compare it with some similar alternates in terms of traversal options, unique activities and best value for money. Several companies might try to lure you with “Cheap Tours” packages which in reality are either not cheap (do the math yourself by analyzing costs and value provided) or include basic traveling and accommodation options and skip certain major sightseeing spots and activities.

Skip Added Services

Tour companies charge quite high for added services such as pre-and-after trip accommodation or private taxi transfers. Avoid opting-in to such services as you can save quite a lot by making such bookings yourself.

The purpose of choosing a group tour is to leave the boring aspect of traveling (organizing, routine setting, and responsibility) to others so you can have some adventure and fun with a peaceful mind. Use these tips I have shared with you to select the best tour that suits your own personal desires and interests.

7 Tips To Make You Look Like A Travel Plan Expert

This has happened to most if not all of us. Whenever sitting with friends and family everybody talks about their favorite place they wish to visit someday but unfortunately “Someday” doesn’t exist on the calendar. So they never get a chance to visit the place of their dreams.

Remember, being vague never gets you any results. Somebody has to take the initiative and become the leader to organize this tour so everybody can have some well-deserved fun time they have been longing for, all that time. It may seem a difficult task to organize but really it isn’t, you just have to keep few helpful tips in mind and you are good to go.


Tip#1: Make It Easy For Everyone To Stay Updated

Everybody is busy in their own hectic lives, nobody has enough time to collaborate via telephone calls or emails regularly. But everyone does use social media on daily basis. So, create a Facebook page, start a Whatsapp group, use Google Hangouts (whatever you and your friends are comfortable with); the purpose is just to make it easy for everyone to be on the same page with access to updated information about the trip plan and give their input effortlessly. The last thing you want is people backing out the last minute because they had no clue what was going on.

Tip#2: Put Together A Rough Itinerary:

Everybody has their own expectations about the places they want to visit. Setting up an itinerary helps everyone know where they are going. Encourage everyone to give their feedback about the itinerary to see should any amendments be made. You can omit/add places as per your group member’s feedback.

Tip#3: Set Up A Budget

After setting up the destination(s) make some cost calculations and share the budget required for the trip with your fellow members. The budget must include traversal, accommodation and food expenses along with the expected amount to be spent on certain activities. Try looking for a short-term apartment for accommodation, which also provides an opportunity to cook in-house and thus keeping eating costs low.

A good approach would be to set the budget according to the tightest contributor so everybody is comfortable with the set budget. Let people spend for extra activities from their own pockets if they want to.

Tip#4 Set Deadlines:

In order to stay organized and complete everything in a timely manner, it’s advisable to set deadlines. For example, set up deadline for payments; everybody who has paid is serious about going and you have money on hand to make reservations on time to avoid any last-minute problems and confusions. Make everyone stick to the same due dates and everything will stay on schedule.

Tip#5: Respect Everybody’s Needs:

Give people some time and privacy to do something they want, on their own, like a free-day or few hours break during the vacation. Going a bit slow lets everybody mesmerize in the experience and make little plans of their own (for sightseeing or relaxing if they want to) during this journey. It doesn’t give them personal time only but as a leader, you too can enjoy something individually.

Tip#6: Stay Focused:

When traveling with a group of friends or family, the purpose is to have fun and spend time together. Keep that in mind and don’t let everyone wander off to their own little tours; whatever you do, do it together. I’m not saying that stop enjoy your destinations, I’m just saying enjoy it together.

Tip#7: Expect Something To Go Wrong

You have made a perfect plan, arranged everything on time and communicated everything clearly to all member of your group, yet there are chances that something might go wrong. Maybe the flight gets delayed or the bus gets late; whatever mishap comes your way, stay calm and try to focus on finding the solution to the problem instead of getting carried away.

It sounds, being a leader and organizing a trip is a big challenge but if you do your homework well, you can overcome hurdles and avoid pitfalls. At the end, you get to have fun, bonding experience and a great time (and off-course you become the travel planning star).

7 Best Places To Visit – Along With Your Friends

7 Best Places To Visit  – Along With Your Friends

Deciding a destination is the first step of planning a get-away holiday. It’s ideal for couples to visit romantic places like Venice or Paris and best for families to visit places such as Washington or Rome that offer a relaxing environment for adults and recreational activities for kids.

But choosing a destination can be tricky and you have no clue where to go when you are planning a holiday with your friends? This decision usually presents difficulty because:

  • You need to arrange an accommodation that can fit everyone tagging along and yet fall within the budget.
  • Everybody has their own personality, therefore, their own unique interests. You need to decide for a place that suits all (foodies, beach lovers, history nerds and adventure seekers etc.).

Don’t worry, I have compiled a go-to-list for you to use whenever you are planning to take a break along with your friends.

Napa Valley, California, US

Napa Valley is a great stop for people who love food, gorgeous landscapes, and wine. Spend your time hiking in the surrounding hills or have fun with bike tours when you are not enjoying vino sip by sip. Alternately you can also visit Sacramento to get a feel of city life within the Napa Valley.




Cleveland, Ohio US

Cleveland is not a place for those who follow the herd but for those with a good sense of how to have fun where ever they are; like me and my gang had some real amusement time in our private moving party inside a limo (we owe it to the guys at Limo Cleveland, they were quite patient with us and provided an excellent service).

The city has numerous attractions and is capable of accommodating everyone with its museums, sporting events, wonderful sceneries, and beaches. It offers great family time with its parks and recreational centers and nightlife for singles like me and my buddies.

Montreal, Canada

If you love to visit Europe but currently don’t have that kind of time or budget then Canadian Montreal is a great substitute for you. The history nerds among your group will love its streets paved with cobblestone while the foodies too will have a lot to choose from its diverse range of foods. It’s a perfect place to get a European feel over a weekend.



Nashville, Tennessee, US

The music lovers among your pack can avail the opportunity to celebrate some great music landmarks such as:

  • Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum.
  • Bluebird Café
  • Rayman Auditorium

Don’t forget to enjoy festivities of sleek Thompson (within the walking distance of restaurants, shops, and the above mentioned musical landmarks).

Sanya, China

China is not a prominent beach spot yet, but the white beaches of Sanya might change that very soon and make the country a great attraction for beach lovers. The People’s Republic of China is making great efforts in pulling tourists to Sanya with attractions such as golf courses, hotels, shopping and much more.

The city of Sanya got a push further with the introduction of the hotel by Ian Schrager’s (EDITION). This wonder of a landmark has an exemplary architecture and improved amenities (restaurants, private beach, swimming pools, electric race car circuit, play area with train rides, rock climbing wall and so much more).

Dubrovnik, Croatia

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you would love Dubrovnik as it provides you the chance to step into the Kings Landing’s set (This is where most parts of the fiction city were shot).

The city’s border is comprised of an ancient wall. Don’t forget to enjoy the glorious view of Adriatic Sea, fill your historical appetite with the Maritime Museum and Old Pharmacy (third oldest pharmacy in the world) and get a feel of medieval times by simply walking through its cobblestone-paved streets.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland has become rather famous among tourists in 2017 making it an ideal location to visit along with your gang.

It offers a bit more than a typical camping trip experience with its famous Blue Lagoon (spa), Ring Road, intense black sand beaches and the best of all – the Northern Lights.

Group travel can be a lot of fun as they provided a chance to reconnect with family and share new adventures with old friends.

What To Choose – Independent Travel Or Group Tour?

The planet earth is a beautiful place and traveling is the best way to enjoy the fine pleasures it has to offer. It’s up to you to figure out how you want to travel around this magnificent sphere (earth) but it’s important to make the most out of your globetrotting experience because your hard earned money will be spent on the travel plans.

Preparing for a journey presents different challenges. Among them, one challenge is to decide whether you want to travel independently or with a group tour. Its really a matter of personal preference and your affordability but the benefits and downsides of both are discussed below. Use this information to decide what suits you best.

Independent Travel

If you are an adventurous spirit, this is the way to go about it as it allows you to move at your own pace. If you are interested in the local culture and want to immerse yourself in the wonderful experience, you are free to do so without any restrictions as that of a group tour where you have to abide by their schedule. You can spend more time in the places you like and skip those you are less attracted to. Setting up a course for the locations that match your unique taste gives you complete control over your itinerary (travel route).

There are certain downsides to independent travel. Sometimes it can be expensive if you are traveling independently; for example, you have nobody to share your cab fare with when traveling alone. You get to meet exciting people while traveling independently but be prepared for times where you might end up alone when nobody is around at your chosen destination. Tourists traveling alone are at more risk as compared to those traveling in a tour group, because they appear more vulnerable to unfortunate events (such as mugging and pickpocketing etc.). The responsibility to organize your accommodation, traveling (flight plans, bus or train), itinerary and food arrangements completely fall on your own shoulders which will ruin the whole experience, if done poorly.

Group Tour

It’s best to travel with a group tour, if you are a frequent traveler and want to get rid of scheduling, researching and organizing travel routines as everything will be done for you; just relax and enjoy the ride. The tours of today are versatile in nature and are capable to cater all kinds of travelers with different tastes such as party lovers, adventure seekers or those interested in visiting other cultures.

Just like solo travels, the group travels also have some downsides of their own. The success of the tour depends on fellow travelers and the tour guide. You might end up with clashing personalities which results in a rough and uncomfortable traveling experience for everyone in the group. These clashes may arise from difference of opinion about places of interest or general dislike for each other.

In group travel, you don’t have much freedom as you are bound to follow activates planned by the tour company. For example, they have specific food options to choose from and you can’t select otherwise as you have to follow a plan designed for you and your fellow group members. The shared hotel rooms and hostels offer no privacy, which can also be a huge downside.

You see there are positives and negatives for both travel styles. I would suggest you keep your personality in focus when deciding the travel style you would like to go ahead with. A very simple way to find whats best for you is to analyze the way you spend your daily life. If you like your quite, peace and privacy, it’s better to go solo. And if you are a social person and enjoy spending time mingling with others go for the group tour option.

You can experiment if traveling for a short visit but make your choice wisely and select the option you are convenient with when traveling for longer periods of time as you will be traveling the world to refresh and re-energize yourself with unique and memorable experiences.

Planning a group tour to Hawaii: what you should remember

There is a huge difference when you are planning a trip to Hawaii for yourself and to plan a trip for a group. There are so many things that you should consider and know to make sure that everyone has a great holiday. You need to make sure that you don’t just consider what you want, but what everyone should want. These are some of the essential things that you should remember and consider when planning a group tour to Hawaii.

Know what everyone likes to do

If you are planning a group tour for a large group of friends or family, you need to make sure that you know what everyone likes to do. This is the only way that you will be able to make sure that you are keeping everyone happy and where you should book the accommodation.

When you are making a booking in an area where there are a variety of activities, you will be able to make sure that everyone is going to be happy and will have some fun with their favorite activities.

The budget that each one has

You can’t start to plan the holiday with the amount you have for the tour. Each person might have another amount available and you need to make sure that the person with the lowest budget can also be able to go to Hawaii. You need to consider everyone.

This might be hard, but you need to set a budget for each one. The budget should be the same, and they need to purchase their own food and pay for their own activities. Then, you will be able to make sure that everyone is going to be satisfied.

The island that would be best for everyone

Something that you should consider, is the island that you need to look at in Hawaii. There are many islands in Hawaii, and some are much better to visit than others. You might want to talk to the group and make sure that you know which island most people prefer. Then, you can take it from there.

You should also remember that some islands are a lot more expensive than other islands.

Hotel or resort?

This is the hardest part of planning a holiday for a group. Should you choose the hotel or a resort? Some people might prefer the hotel where everything might be quieter, but some might prefer the amenities that a resort has to offer.

Here you should make sure that you know what most would prefer. And, then you should take it from there. There are also some resorts with a 5-star hotel that you can book to make sure that everyone is satisfied.

Planning a tour or a holiday in Hawaii for a group of people can be hard. Especially, if you are trying to keep everyone satisfied. With this information, you will be able to know how you can plan your trip so that everyone in the group is happy and having the best time possible.