7 Best Places To Visit – Along With Your Friends

7 Best Places To Visit  – Along With Your Friends

Deciding a destination is the first step of planning a get-away holiday. It’s ideal for couples to visit romantic places like Venice or Paris and best for families to visit places such as Washington or Rome that offer a relaxing environment for adults and recreational activities for kids.

But choosing a destination can be tricky and you have no clue where to go when you are planning a holiday with your friends? This decision usually presents difficulty because:

  • You need to arrange an accommodation that can fit everyone tagging along and yet fall within the budget.
  • Everybody has their own personality, therefore, their own unique interests. You need to decide for a place that suits all (foodies, beach lovers, history nerds and adventure seekers etc.).

Don’t worry, I have compiled a go-to-list for you to use whenever you are planning to take a break along with your friends.

Napa Valley, California, US

Napa Valley is a great stop for people who love food, gorgeous landscapes, and wine. Spend your time hiking in the surrounding hills or have fun with bike tours when you are not enjoying vino sip by sip. Alternately you can also visit Sacramento to get a feel of city life within the Napa Valley.




Cleveland, Ohio US

Cleveland is not a place for those who follow the herd but for those with a good sense of how to have fun where ever they are; like me and my gang had some real amusement time in our private moving party inside a limo (we owe it to the guys at Limo Cleveland, they were quite patient with us and provided an excellent service).

The city has numerous attractions and is capable of accommodating everyone with its museums, sporting events, wonderful sceneries, and beaches. It offers great family time with its parks and recreational centers and nightlife for singles like me and my buddies.

Montreal, Canada

If you love to visit Europe but currently don’t have that kind of time or budget then Canadian Montreal is a great substitute for you. The history nerds among your group will love its streets paved with cobblestone while the foodies too will have a lot to choose from its diverse range of foods. It’s a perfect place to get a European feel over a weekend.



Nashville, Tennessee, US

The music lovers among your pack can avail the opportunity to celebrate some great music landmarks such as:

  • Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum.
  • Bluebird Café
  • Rayman Auditorium

Don’t forget to enjoy festivities of sleek Thompson (within the walking distance of restaurants, shops, and the above mentioned musical landmarks).

Sanya, China

China is not a prominent beach spot yet, but the white beaches of Sanya might change that very soon and make the country a great attraction for beach lovers. The People’s Republic of China is making great efforts in pulling tourists to Sanya with attractions such as golf courses, hotels, shopping and much more.

The city of Sanya got a push further with the introduction of the hotel by Ian Schrager’s (EDITION). This wonder of a landmark has an exemplary architecture and improved amenities (restaurants, private beach, swimming pools, electric race car circuit, play area with train rides, rock climbing wall and so much more).

Dubrovnik, Croatia

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you would love Dubrovnik as it provides you the chance to step into the Kings Landing’s set (This is where most parts of the fiction city were shot).

The city’s border is comprised of an ancient wall. Don’t forget to enjoy the glorious view of Adriatic Sea, fill your historical appetite with the Maritime Museum and Old Pharmacy (third oldest pharmacy in the world) and get a feel of medieval times by simply walking through its cobblestone-paved streets.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland has become rather famous among tourists in 2017 making it an ideal location to visit along with your gang.

It offers a bit more than a typical camping trip experience with its famous Blue Lagoon (spa), Ring Road, intense black sand beaches and the best of all – the Northern Lights.

Group travel can be a lot of fun as they provided a chance to reconnect with family and share new adventures with old friends.

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