7 Tips To Make You Look Like A Travel Plan Expert

This has happened to most if not all of us. Whenever sitting with friends and family everybody talks about their favorite place they wish to visit someday but unfortunately “Someday” doesn’t exist on the calendar. So they never get a chance to visit the place of their dreams.

Remember, being vague never gets you any results. Somebody has to take the initiative and become the leader to organize this tour so everybody can have some well-deserved fun time they have been longing for, all that time. It may seem a difficult task to organize but really it isn’t, you just have to keep few helpful tips in mind and you are good to go.


Tip#1: Make It Easy For Everyone To Stay Updated

Everybody is busy in their own hectic lives, nobody has enough time to collaborate via telephone calls or emails regularly. But everyone does use social media on daily basis. So, create a Facebook page, start a Whatsapp group, use Google Hangouts (whatever you and your friends are comfortable with); the purpose is just to make it easy for everyone to be on the same page with access to updated information about the trip plan and give their input effortlessly. The last thing you want is people backing out the last minute because they had no clue what was going on.

Tip#2: Put Together A Rough Itinerary:

Everybody has their own expectations about the places they want to visit. Setting up an itinerary helps everyone know where they are going. Encourage everyone to give their feedback about the itinerary to see should any amendments be made. You can omit/add places as per your group member’s feedback.

Tip#3: Set Up A Budget

After setting up the destination(s) make some cost calculations and share the budget required for the trip with your fellow members. The budget must include traversal, accommodation and food expenses along with the expected amount to be spent on certain activities. Try looking for a short-term apartment for accommodation, which also provides an opportunity to cook in-house and thus keeping eating costs low.

A good approach would be to set the budget according to the tightest contributor so everybody is comfortable with the set budget. Let people spend for extra activities from their own pockets if they want to.

Tip#4 Set Deadlines:

In order to stay organized and complete everything in a timely manner, it’s advisable to set deadlines. For example, set up deadline for payments; everybody who has paid is serious about going and you have money on hand to make reservations on time to avoid any last-minute problems and confusions. Make everyone stick to the same due dates and everything will stay on schedule.

Tip#5: Respect Everybody’s Needs:

Give people some time and privacy to do something they want, on their own, like a free-day or few hours break during the vacation. Going a bit slow lets everybody mesmerize in the experience and make little plans of their own (for sightseeing or relaxing if they want to) during this journey. It doesn’t give them personal time only but as a leader, you too can enjoy something individually.

Tip#6: Stay Focused:

When traveling with a group of friends or family, the purpose is to have fun and spend time together. Keep that in mind and don’t let everyone wander off to their own little tours; whatever you do, do it together. I’m not saying that stop enjoy your destinations, I’m just saying enjoy it together.

Tip#7: Expect Something To Go Wrong

You have made a perfect plan, arranged everything on time and communicated everything clearly to all member of your group, yet there are chances that something might go wrong. Maybe the flight gets delayed or the bus gets late; whatever mishap comes your way, stay calm and try to focus on finding the solution to the problem instead of getting carried away.

It sounds, being a leader and organizing a trip is a big challenge but if you do your homework well, you can overcome hurdles and avoid pitfalls. At the end, you get to have fun, bonding experience and a great time (and off-course you become the travel planning star).

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