How I Choose The Best Tour Groups – No Agents Involved


The organized tour companies understand they can’t just put a bunch of people together behind a leader who introduces them to places of interest (with a rundown of the area’s historical backdrop), organizes local dining and calls it a day. This is not enough for modern travelers of today as they seek personalized traveling experiences to learn about new cultures, enjoy their eating trends and have fun while they are at it. Group travel companies compete really hard to stay ahead of each other by providing a mix of adventure, comfort, and fun, thus creating great opportunities for travelers.

If you have quit your day job and plan on hitting the road for an indefinite time, feel free to travel independently moving at your own pace but if you have worked really hard the whole year and want to spend your holidays relaxing in this time of leisure, its best to go with a group tour.

But you still have to decide which group tour wagon you should hop on to, as tour companies conduct trips throughout the seven continents offering endless possibilities, therefore you have to analyze your own interests and preferences to select the tour that satisfies your tastes.

Independent Travel

Your travel style really depends on your personality. You might fancy a classic journey through London, Paris, and Venice or maybe you are a family guy looking for age-specific activities along with some fine dining. Perhaps adventure is on your mind and you want the adrenaline pumping activities such as biking, parasailing, and hiking etc. or you maybe just want a leisure trip for relaxation along with comfort.

Purpose Of Traveling

Are you a party animal or prefer being a lone wolf? Keep your purpose of traveling in mind as well while choosing the tour group. For example, its best to avoid traveling in a group with young kids if you are going for an anniversary trip but seeking out a group with more kids is preferable if you are taking your own children to see the world. Also, keep in mind, a small group blends in easily within the local environment but on the other hand, a large group can help you in cutting down your costs.

Are You A Foodie?

Do you have any specific dining preferences? If you are an exotic eater, you will love the deep-fried tarantula served in Cambodia but you will be fine with any group if you are a typical cheeseburger-with-fries-and-drink type of guy/gal.

Whats Your Favorite Way To Travel?

Some people are best suited for air-conditioned buses, private taxis or trains while others don’t mind walking, traversing in Rickshaws (a three-wheeled traveling vehicle for busy and narrow streets of many Asian countries) or even riding camels given the chance. “Know about thyself”, what type of a person are you?

Make An Informed Decision

The purpose of globetrotting is to enjoy the fine pleasures our mother earth has to offer so don’t choose a group you dislike because will end up frustrated and will regret your choice. Refrain buying a group tour suggested by an agent (those guys work hard for their commissions and don’t really know and care about your interests). Find out something you like and compare it with some similar alternates in terms of traversal options, unique activities and best value for money. Several companies might try to lure you with “Cheap Tours” packages which in reality are either not cheap (do the math yourself by analyzing costs and value provided) or include basic traveling and accommodation options and skip certain major sightseeing spots and activities.

Skip Added Services

Tour companies charge quite high for added services such as pre-and-after trip accommodation or private taxi transfers. Avoid opting-in to such services as you can save quite a lot by making such bookings yourself.

The purpose of choosing a group tour is to leave the boring aspect of traveling (organizing, routine setting, and responsibility) to others so you can have some adventure and fun with a peaceful mind. Use these tips I have shared with you to select the best tour that suits your own personal desires and interests.

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