What To Choose – Independent Travel Or Group Tour?

The planet earth is a beautiful place and traveling is the best way to enjoy the fine pleasures it has to offer. It’s up to you to figure out how you want to travel around this magnificent sphere (earth) but it’s important to make the most out of your globetrotting experience because your hard earned money will be spent on the travel plans.

Preparing for a journey presents different challenges. Among them, one challenge is to decide whether you want to travel independently or with a group tour. Its really a matter of personal preference and your affordability but the benefits and downsides of both are discussed below. Use this information to decide what suits you best.

Independent Travel

If you are an adventurous spirit, this is the way to go about it as it allows you to move at your own pace. If you are interested in the local culture and want to immerse yourself in the wonderful experience, you are free to do so without any restrictions as that of a group tour where you have to abide by their schedule. You can spend more time in the places you like and skip those you are less attracted to. Setting up a course for the locations that match your unique taste gives you complete control over your itinerary (travel route).

There are certain downsides to independent travel. Sometimes it can be expensive if you are traveling independently; for example, you have nobody to share your cab fare with when traveling alone. You get to meet exciting people while traveling independently but be prepared for times where you might end up alone when nobody is around at your chosen destination. Tourists traveling alone are at more risk as compared to those traveling in a tour group, because they appear more vulnerable to unfortunate events (such as mugging and pickpocketing etc.). The responsibility to organize your accommodation, traveling (flight plans, bus or train), itinerary and food arrangements completely fall on your own shoulders which will ruin the whole experience, if done poorly.

Group Tour

It’s best to travel with a group tour, if you are a frequent traveler and want to get rid of scheduling, researching and organizing travel routines as everything will be done for you; just relax and enjoy the ride. The tours of today are versatile in nature and are capable to cater all kinds of travelers with different tastes such as party lovers, adventure seekers or those interested in visiting other cultures.

Just like solo travels, the group travels also have some downsides of their own. The success of the tour depends on fellow travelers and the tour guide. You might end up with clashing personalities which results in a rough and uncomfortable traveling experience for everyone in the group. These clashes may arise from difference of opinion about places of interest or general dislike for each other.

In group travel, you don’t have much freedom as you are bound to follow activates planned by the tour company. For example, they have specific food options to choose from and you can’t select otherwise as you have to follow a plan designed for you and your fellow group members. The shared hotel rooms and hostels offer no privacy, which can also be a huge downside.

You see there are positives and negatives for both travel styles. I would suggest you keep your personality in focus when deciding the travel style you would like to go ahead with. A very simple way to find whats best for you is to analyze the way you spend your daily life. If you like your quite, peace and privacy, it’s better to go solo. And if you are a social person and enjoy spending time mingling with others go for the group tour option.

You can experiment if traveling for a short visit but make your choice wisely and select the option you are convenient with when traveling for longer periods of time as you will be traveling the world to refresh and re-energize yourself with unique and memorable experiences.

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